Blur reunion on DVD

I remember when I was 16 years old and got permission to go to Copenhagen with my friend and my younger sister to see my favourite band perform. I remember thinking my mom was mad for letting us go all that way on our own, but I didn’t care at the moment, because I was going to see Blur for the first time ever and I was over the moon!!

This was back in 1997, Song 2 was constantly playing in the radio and I knew all the songs from the other albums by heart. Now, over 10 years later, the British music phenomenon is releasing a DVD named “No Distance Left to Run”. The DVD contains a documentary about the band and live recordings from their reunion performance at Hyde Park in 2009.

If you want to remember all the great songs and see their music videos again, visit Blurs official You Tube-channel. The DVD is due to be released on February 15 2010. For further information on the release, please visit Blurs website.

– Towe –

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