A family friendly hotel in London

The website TripAdvisor is a page where you can read what other travellers have thought about their accommodation. This year has The TripAdvisor Traveller’s Choice Awards for “The UK’s most family friendly hotel”  gone to The Luna Simone Hotel in London, which even makes it into the World’s Top Ten Family list. Impressive!

This hotel is located close to Victoria Station and Pimlico. An ideal location for those who travel from Stansted Airport by bus and Gatwick Airport by train.




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2 responses to “A family friendly hotel in London

  1. E. Ringsholt

    Has anybody here actually stayed at The Luna & Simone?
    I am going to London in May, and I like the area around Victoria station – it is convenient when arriving from Gatwick, and it is easy to get around London from there. But isn’t The Luna & Simone quite a walk from the station???
    Please comment on this…

  2. Cathrine

    I have not stayed here but the location is 47/49 Belgrave Road, just a few minutes walk from Pimlico tubestation. For more info have a look at http://www.lunasimonehotel.com/
    Good luck and enjoy your stay! Remember that you can by your travelcard, oystercard and tickets to flighttransfers in our webshop. Convenient and time saving!


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