A Golfers Paradise, part 5

Måns Zelmerlöw went to Scotland and fell in love with the people, the nature and of course – the golf. Here’s his last post from the trip. (part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4)

12.40. Tee-off at The Old Course. I hauled out the driver again. Don’t duff, don’t duff, don’t duff, not now…An audience and a starter follows your every move, judging…But hey, I managed to get the ball in the air and off we went.

For the first time in my life I had a caddie. I didn’t think it was going to make a difference but I had to try it. It was all worth it. From my perspective I played a round of dream golf and managed to finish the course on my handicap.

Famous bridge at the Old Course

Famous bridge at the Old Course

It’s a great course and the feeling to swing your way out of the same bunkers as you seen the professionals handle on TV is a love story. I managed a birdie on the 16th followed by cheering from four hardened caddies and my hear was pounding when my driver at the 17th just barely finds its way over the hotel and you know that you can reach the green on two. You can feel hundreds of people looking at you when you cross the world famous bridge between the 17th and the 18th and right here you realize that you want to come back again and again. St. Andrews is a golfers paradise.



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