A Golfers Paradise, part 2

Måns Zelmerlöw, went to Scotland and fell in love with the people, the nature and of course – the golf. Here’s his second post from the trip. (Part 1)

Day two began with a great breakfast on the fourth floor. Here you can enjoy everything from black pudding to freshly baked cup cakes.

The sun is shining in St. Andrews

Tee-off at Kingsbarns was at lunch. I had heard great stuff about this course and my expectations were high. And they came through, this is a great course and it contains some of the most beautiful golf holes I’ve ever seen.  And it’s a long course. This particular day it was windy with occasional dizzles. Needless to say this had an effect on my game, but even so I must recommend the course. Completely torn by the wind and on shivering legs we returned to the hotel to what we expected to be a calm and cosy dinner together with Helen and Fiona from the hotel management. It got cosy, but far away from calm.

The dinner turned into a pub round in St. Andrews and we ended up at a student party, the only place that was open after midnight. The guards eventually let us in and we spent ten minutes inside before they closed the place down and we returned home to the hotel, tired and weary.


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