Team of the week: Stoke

And now our ‘Team of the week’ posts are coming to an end.. Last team to be introduced is Stoke! This team  is from the city Stoke-on-Trent in West Midlands, right in the middle of Manchester and Birmingham. Stoke is known as the Potters and they play their home matches at Britannia Stadium.

The Danish football keeper Thomas Sørensen came from Aston Villa to Stoke in 2008. Sørensen plays an important role on the team and has saved penalties from Arsenal, Wigan and Portsmouth this season.

Traditionally the football matches on Boxing Day are played between local rivals. Stoke is playing Manchester City today – what do you think the score will be? And who will score the first goal?

Ryan Shawcross is playing defence and has been an essential player since he arrived in 2007. This young football player from Chester, scored in Stoke’s first match this season, helping the team win a 2-0 victory over Burnley.

You can read about all the Premier League teams in our previous ‘Team of the week’ here: Sunderland, Arsenal, Tottenham, West Ham, Burnley, Portsmouth, Birmingham, Hull City, Fulham, Bolton, Manchester United, Chelsea, Wigan, Blackburn, Manchester City, Everton, Wolverhampton, Aston Villa and Liverpool.

Are you planning to go to England and watch a Premier League match? Buy tickets here!

Thanks for following our ‘Team of the week’ this autumn! It’s been great fun writing these blogs!

Enjoy the rest of this festive season – both in Christmas terms and when it comes to football!

– Hanne –

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