Win tickets to Sherlock Holmes!

Now you have the opportunity to win cinema tickets to the new Sherlock Holmes film! Starring Robert Downey Jr. as Sherlock himself and Jude Law as Dr. Watson – this is definitely a film well worth seeing!

Check out our 4 campaign sites and try to win tickets to Sherlock Holmes:

Are you planning to see the new Sherlock Holmes film? Vote on our poll of the month to your right!

Best of luck!
– Hanne –


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2 responses to “Win tickets to Sherlock Holmes!

  1. Mikkel Lund

    I look forward to seeing the new Holmes film – eventhough it is hardly on a par with Granada TV and Jeremy Brett’s Performance as Sherlock Holmes!

  2. Awesome article! I’m really surprised about this. I’m curious to see what happens.Hey, have you seen any good movies lately? Don’t wait: Watch Sherlock Holmes online!

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