Last chance: Compete and win!



For those living in Denmark and Sweden, these are happy times! Why? We have three seperate competions going on there right now.

In Denmark you can win a trip for two to Aberdeen, where you get to stay at the luxurious In the LoopSkene House and see a koncert with traditional scottish musicians Runrig. All you have to do is answer a few questionson our competition site. You have until sunday to compete.

In the meantime in Sweden, there’s a movie frenzie going on. First of all, we’re giving Swedes a chance to win tickets to the new quirky british satire In the Loop. The competitions ends today, so hurry and compete before it’s too late.  Secondly, you can compete for year passes to Stockholm Film Festival, where you can choose from a variety of movies like Fish Tank, Le Donk and Scor-Zay-Zee and The Unloved. SFF_20_small

So, if you live in Denmark or Sweden – Now is your last chance to compete!  

Good luck!

– Towe –



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8 responses to “Last chance: Compete and win!

  1. Sverre Anderssen

    I would loved to bring my girfriend to Aberdeen to disciver the kulture, arcitecture, people together with the nice tmosfare in the City

  2. Torje Dalen

    As a former student at The University of Aberdeen (81- 85) I will like to say that I could bring a lot of good stuff in to this Blog everything from Pub’s to the fames fish market.

  3. Gerd Hønningstad


    Now I have got the chance. I am half Scottish, and have several cousins in Aberdeen, where my mum grew up. My cousins and I want to have a reunion, we have spoken of this for long, and now I have a chance to meet them all. What a wonderful idea.
    I will blog everything that happens, and would love to do it. Give me a chance, a chance of my lifetime.
    Love Gerd

  4. Svein Gård

    I love travelling, have study in the US at gollege and travelling around in America as long in Asia. Have relatives living in Aberdeen but have never been over there and would love to go. They have always come here to our family and this time it could be mine turn. . . .

    Regard Svein

  5. Grethe Dingstad

    My husbond and I would love to come back to one of our favorite towns of Scotland!! We have travelled a lot in the past, and we just love Aberdeen.

  6. Grethe Dingstad

    I have travelled a lot during my lifetime. Scotland has been my favorite country and Aberdeen a very special town indeed! I REALLY WANT TO GO BACK.
    Best wishes Grethe, 67 years old.

  7. I want to win. I love UK and want to tell other people about the exciting Scotland with the long traditional culture, the countryside and a bow all the people. You are so helpful and smiling, I have all the best memories from my trip to Edinburgh when everybody helped.

  8. Towe

    Hi all,

    Thank you for the interest in the Aberdeen competition. Please note, that you have to put your competition entry under the Norwegian Aberdeen competition to compete. Please click on the link and follow the instructions in the comment field:

    Thank you and good luck!


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