Our video blog winner!


Remember the video blog competition we had for students in Norway? Well, we have found our winner! His name is Filip and he is a very happy winner right now! He will bring his friend Ida to London, and they have great plans!

Filip had written a fun motivation which was actually more like a story about two people; Filip and Ida:

“Ida and Filip are two students from Markedshøyskolen in Oslo. They’re both in their mid-twenties and they are now in their final year of their Bachelor in Tourism Management. Not only are these two class mates interesting, outgoing and resourceful people, but they also hold all the good qualities that are necessary in order to create a video blog. If this video blog should be about, let’s say, a European capital, for instance London, the combination of these two attractive people and a video blog would exceed all expectations. While writing this, Ida and Filip are just friends, meaning that they didn’t participate in the competition just to get free hotel beds.

Not only do they know how to communicate a message, whatever it might be, but they want to meet a great deal of people as well. They’re not just young and dynamic, but the combination of a beautiful classic look and a boyish charm will overwhelm the Norwegian homes, at least the ones with Internet.. They are willing to take on this assignment with seriousness and responsibility, and they both agree that you shouldn’t start a project unless you do it properly. With an advanced knowledge in the computer and mac department, the technological element of this will go smoothly. So let the entertaining and educational video blog be sent out through the magical world of the Internet!

I think this is going to be a very entertaining video blog! So stay tuned, Filip and Ida will be back later this autumn..

– Hanne –


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