New poll question: Premier League winner?

Harry PotterSizzling over the rooftops of Alnwick Castle on your broomstick, finding huge spiders or unicorns in Black Park or taking a ride on the Hogwarts Express in Fort William? The readers have voted on their favorite Harry Potter location and the results are in.

… and the winner is…. a tie… between Alnwick Castle and Goathland station with 19% of the votes each. In second place we find Christ Church College with 16% and 16% of all voters thought that Kings Cross Station was the best.

If you haven’t read about our guide to the Harry Potter film locations yet, please click on this link.

And now, changing course completely from magic and quidditch and over to football. You might have seen the first two parts of our new series ‘Team of the Week’. A series in which we talk about one of the teams in Premier League each week. 

Football trophiesWhat better question to ask you then which team you think’ll win the league this year?

To vote, click on the team you think’ll win in the right-hand menu and then press [vote].

You can also comment in the comment field under this post. Why do you think they’ll win? Up and coming new player? It’s just their time? A great trainer?

– Towe –

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