On the lookout for Hamish, the hairy cow. A family adventure in Scotland, part 3.

Culloden battlefieldThis will be a busy day! We started off to the battlefield of Culloden, a 15 min. ride east from Inverness. Here, the most famous battle between the Jacobites (the Scots)and the English army was fought. Just a bit over an hour it took and was the final blow to the Jacobite raising towards the English throne. This bloody and gruesome battle is fantastic told in the brand new visitor centre with surround-films, pictures, tales told by Scots and Englishmen, interactive “tables” to show the progress of the armies and with guides dressing up and talking you through history.

Culloden battlefieldAt the battlefield itself you can enter with audio guides and follow the tracks of the battle. Very interesting and probably the highlight of our trip! It gives you a great background of Scottish history!

Off to lunch at the very nice Cawdor Tavern in the pretty village of Cawdor.  Good, English food, I had traditional steak and Ale pie that was delicious, and not too expensive either.

Cawdor tavernthe pub at Cawdor tavern

Close to the Tavern you’ll find the fabulous Cawdor castle. Here, the dowry Countess of Cawdor still lives but between may and October the castle and it’s beautiful gardens are open to public. Cawdor castleYou’ll even find a 9 hole golf course at the grounds, close to the castle entrance. Again, my husband and middle son was eager to play. Luckily (for the non-golfers in the family) it started raining so no golf this time either!

The garden has a huge hedge-labyrinth but due to the fragile holly it consists off you have to book time to visit it. Unfortunately we hadn’t so we tried the tiny one instead.Scotland blog 053

Cawdor castles has its sheep but still no hairy cows so we headed towards Nairn at the coast overlooking the Moray Firth. It wasn,t much to be seen, but then again, with heavy dark clouds and thunder even a famous golf course like Nairn golf club , is not interesting for anyone. But the sandy beaches at Nairn are lovely.  The youngest one tried the water, freezing cold!! At the beach there is a camping & caravan park and the town itself has several B&B’s.

Nairn beaches

Heading back to Inverness again the kids (and I) was up for some mayor shopping. The stores close at 18:00 so we managed a visit to Marks & Spencer, Primark, the shopping centre, WHSmith and of course a coffee and hot chocolate at the Coffee House! Great day!! Tomorrow we have to find the cows,- if not the kids will be on my back the rest of the year!



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