Meeting Inspector Barnaby in real life

Barnaby og Jette

It was a real treat to meet John Nettles in person! VisitBritain and the Danish magazine BilledBladet have cooperated in a Midsomer Murder campaign, which started in March and will run for 42 weeks over the summer. Because the series are so popular in Denmark the production company behind the series decided to come to Copenhagen at the end of April. John Nettles was the guest of honour together with producer Brian True May from Bentley Productions at a reception held for 50 invited guests. Inspector Barnaby held a highly entertaining speech, telling the audience how the series are produces and how tv-viewers in different countries react to them.



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4 responses to “Meeting Inspector Barnaby in real life

  1. udvar emma

    Wonderful!! I wish I could meet John Nettles as well, but I’m from Romania and I know that will not be possible…But I’m happy for you.

  2. udvar emma

    I’m sorry that John leaves Midsomer and I wish him a long-long life.emma

  3. resteront les blogs et forums que nous créons de l’inoubliable John alias Tom !

  4. c’est bien dommage !

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