Afternoon tea at the Savoy

Afternoon tea at the Savoy

Afternoon tea at the Savoy

Getting hungry? There´s a great pub called Wax O´Connor on Rupert Street. Take the stairs down to the area where the interiors come from a catholic church and try the fish and chips.

For asian food I´d recomend Wagamama, a chain of restaurants you´ll find all over Britain. My favourite is in Soho on Lexington Street.

Really nice and fancy asian food visit Hakkasan on 8 Henway Street, a beautiful place and wonderful food. When you want to dance the food away it´s not far (a few minutes walk) to the best flamanco place outside Spain, also on Henway Street.

If you want to spoil yourself, have a treat at The Savoy on the Strand. The afternoon Tea there is the best!

And don´t forget that if you want a break from the buzz in the city, it´s easy to get on a train to Oxford, Cambridge, Windsor och Bath for example, great for at daytrip!

-Titti Schultz-


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