New feature: Polls!

Barnabys England

Barnabys England

From today a new feature is running on the blog. The polls have come to Mind the Gap!!And first one out is related to the fact that Midsomer Murders is back on TV this summer. Check out our Midsomer Murders film location sites and find out more about Barnabys England: Morden i Midsomer, Kriminalkommisær Barnaby and Mord & Mysterier.

The question you can answer this month is:

Which traditional English crime show is the best?

Vote by choosing one of the alternatives in the poll in the right sidebar, just beneath the Authors, then press ‘Vote’.

– Towe

John Nettles in action at the set

John Nettles in action at the set



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3 responses to “New feature: Polls!

  1. riitta uygun

    vibri,name of the blog

  2. Towe

    Hi Riitta,

    Thanks for the suggestion. For the chance to win a gift certificate from, please enter your suggestion on the blog post for the competition:


  3. Gun S Olsson

    Call the site

    Go Green Britain

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