British history on TV

Scotish Coastline

Scotish Coastline

Saw a commercial today about a TV-show that started a while ago on the Swedish channel Kunskapskanalen. Today at 22.00 the seventh episode of Kustspaning is aired.

The show is about the British Islands coastlines with topics like historic sights, geography, archaeology and zoology and both experts and people living there will be interviewed along with beautiful pictures from all over Britain.

The episode today will be about the Hebrides, an archipelago on the Scottish west coast with an interesting history dating back to the Stone Ages. We will hear the story about the sinking of the ship S/S Politicians, the ship that became a legend, a book and a movie (Whiskey Galore!). We will also follow Alice as she visits the Lewis Island and learn how to make peat into oil and Neil investigates a more than thousand years old stone.

I thought this sounded like a really interesting show, and I will definitely watch it at 22.00 tonight. Unfortunately there is only four episodes left, and SVT haven’t got the show on SVT Play, but all the more reason to start watching.


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  1. Charlotta

    Just buy the lot of them online – I did and that was money well spent. They made a second and a third series with more things that the first one never had time to cover so you can go around Britain again and again! 🙂 There is also a Coast exhibition at Land’s End (in the middle of the so called “theme park”).

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