Mexican food in Covent Garden

Carl, Hanne and me went out to eat in London after the Gathering in London last week. Carl had been to a great mexican place that he wanted to show us. We walked around looking for the place for a while, but Carl had forgotten where the place was situated. But just as we had given up, we found the place. The exterior didn’t look much to the world. It was a tiny street with a building construction blocking halft the road. But once inside it was a bit different. The place was packed with people and pulse was very high. But most importantly – the food was excellent. Carl and I ordered the Chicken Fajita and what I got was a huge frying pan filled to the rim with marinated chicken, spring onions, red peppers, sallad, onions and finally some nice tortilla bread on the side.  Hanne had the Chicken Enchilada and was just as pleased as us. So all three of us ended up rolling out of the restaurang, almost a little bit nauseous of all the good food we had been eating.

To find out how good the food really is, go to Cafe Pacifico yourself. The address is as follows:

Cafe Pacifico
Mexican Restaurant-Cantina
5 Langley St, Westminster, London WC2H
United Kingdom

Nearest tube station is Covent Garden on the Picadilly Line


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  1. And we did walk A LOT in order to find the place.. 🙂 But it was all worth it! Great food and drinks.

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