Taken by Storm

Dark Side of the Moon

Dark Side of the Moon

Came home after two days in London last week. We had a European Gathering for VisitBritain. The first day was cramped with meetings and teambuiding, but the second day I only had one booked meeting , so most of the day was spent walking around London, catching up with the city. I hadn’t been there for ten years, so I really enjoyed visiting all the touristy stuff like Westminister Abbey, London Eye and Tower of London etc.

And as I was walking on the South bank, between London Bridge and the Globe theatre, I accidentally saw a  familiar picture in a window.  The picture was  Pink Floyds famous album cover from “The Dark Side of the Moon” from 1973. Apparently I had bumped in to an exhibition called “Taken by Storm” by StormStudios, which is a bunch of freelancing photographers led by Rupert Truman and had been working at StormStudios for 15 years.

Rupert Truman

Rupert Truman

Rupert told me that it all started when Storm Thorgerson went to school with a couple of the members in Pink Floyd. He started designing some of their album covers, and this was the beginning of StormStudios’ success. The surreal triangle on the cover of the album “The Dark Side of the Moon” has become a symbol for Pink Floyd, and a lot more of the pictures made by StormStudios is quite famous, but few people know who made them. They have seen the pictures and connect them to a band or a famous singer. But that’s it. That is why this exhibition is rather small, and under some bridge, almost invisible to people passing by. This is a shame, since the pictures are absolutely beautiful, and really worth seeing if you’re into surealistic art or photographic craftmanship.

I’ll never forget this exhibition, and I will definitely go to another one next time I get the chance.

The exhibition I visited was calle “Taken by Storm” and was situated on OXO London Tower Wharf, South Bank between May 14th – and May 31th. But for futher information about coming exbhibitions, keep checking our blog, visit StormStudios homepage http://www.stormsight.co.uk or sign up for StormStudios newsletters by mailing your details to updates@stormsight.co.uk.

StormStudio - 3 images


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