Can I travel with toddlers on the tube?

Everyday I get questions from parents who are worried about the London transport system. If you have ever been to London you will know that there are an endless amount of steps and few elevators. I admit that I can have my doubts about the access with pushchairs and they are not always too happy when you enter a bus or tube with a pushchair, a sulking toddler and a pile of shoppingbags. I always say “stay away from the rush hour traffic” and bring the smallest, foldable pushchair available. But it’s not at all impossible and did I get pleased when I got this lovely mail from a customer who just arrived back from London. She said everybody was more than helpful. They made easy access through the tills and down to the tube, they let the family use private toilets for emergency-changing of daipers, and of course, all children travelled for free! (4 children per adult travel for free). The Brits are know to be polite and helpful. I am so pleased that even in a stressed enviroment like local traffic they show themselves from theire best side! So, don’t be afraid, bring your children, enjoy the free ride (for kids up to 11 years) and let the whole family enjoy London!

More information on Transport for London’s website.

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