London Eye – the real thing!

London EyeI read in Metro some time ago that Göteborg, also known as “little London”, is going to get it’s own London Eye. It will definitely be worth a ride but why not try the “real one”?

London Eye is the vision of architect couple Marks and Barfield and where opened, after 7 years of planning and work, the 30th March 2000. It was their metaphor to time turning into the new millennium. Now, the most visited attraction in UK, more than 3.5 million people visit this fantastic attraction every year.

A turn on the wheel takes 30 minutes and you travel approximately 9 km/h,- a good speed to linger on the fantastic view! In daylight you’ll see 40 km in each directions but my personal favourite is the evening flights with beautifully lit buildings like the parliament, Trafalgar Square, The Gherkin and Big Ben.

On their web page you can find some rather interesting facts, like the wheel can carry 800 passengers per revolution – equivalent to 11 red doubled-decker buses and the height of the wheel is 135 m,- equivalent to 64 red telephone boxes piled on top of each other (who on earth is paid to find out things like this?)

Anyhow, tickets can be bought from our web shop and they are open tickets so you can go whenever you like. You’ll also skip the queues at the box office. Our price is more or less the same as if you buy the tickets from London Eye’s web-page but they will ask you to book a certain date and time. Buying tickets at the wheel will cost you some more an take more time!. Prices are of course always subject to change but enter our shop to order, it’s easy!

Have a good flight!



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