The Andaz Hotel, Liverpool Street, London

A few of us have just enjoyed the luxury of a visitor this morning from London. Sune Malstroem arrived to present the facilities at the Andaz Hotel in Liverpool Street. It reminded me of my first visit there, where upon arrival I couldn’t see anywhere immediately to enquire about an arranged meeting. Instead I was approached by a very friendly woman holding what appeared to be a laptop. At this point the meeting was confirmed using her touchscreen device and I was then invited to sit down and order the beverage of my choice.  Everyone entering the hotel as a confirmed guest is treated in the same way. A smart, simple and certainly more relaxed experience than the traditional manner of hotel check in. 

 I am looking forward to going back and especially to eating at the recently opened restuarant within the hotel, ‘1901’. In a similar fashion to check in,  if you drink at the bar then the barman comes to you, not only to mix your drink of choice but offer advice and guidance on how to create the perfect taste when mixing your own drinks at home (should you so wish).  The thinking that goes in to the service delivery and its application are fantastic!

Andaz Hotel

Andaz Hotel


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