Cool view of Manchester

On my recent visit to Manchester we went to the very cool bar “Cloud 23”, on the 23rd floor of the Deansgate Hilton Hotel. The bar has floor-to-ceiling windows, and offers fantastic views of Manchester, especially after dark. The place was really buzzing the night we were there and there was a good atmosphere. Being Manchester, one of the signature drinks has to be named Cottonopolis, but the bar is very well stocked and offers a load of cocktails and long drinks.
The bar has an open door policy between 5 and 7 PM, but you should register for the night’s guest list in advance if you plan to arrive after 7 PM, otherwise you might not get in. Use the website




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2 responses to “Cool view of Manchester

  1. Tom

    Cottonopolis – as a result of Manchester’s links to the cotton/fabric industry, yes?

  2. Nils

    Yes – the industrial history is very present in Mancehster…

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