Golf in Britain 2009

Oliver Fischer

Oliver Fischer

As promised I would come back with a little bit more information about our upcoming new golf campaign. First of all I am really happy to introduce our new golf ambassador for 2009, Oliver Fisher. You might not recognize this name but I can tell you that he is one of the most interesting new professional golfer from Britain. He actually played SAS Masters at Arlanda Stad in 2008 scoring a fantastic 275.

We met Oliver in Essex in early January this year for a photo shoot to be used in our golf campaign in Sweden. As you see on the image there were actually snow there….

Golf Punk Magazine

We launch our golf campaign next week, the 20th February at the new golf exhibition in Stockholm, Sweden Golf Travellers Fair, a brand new version of our campaign website, new partners from Britain and a very special Britain edition of GolfPunk magazine will be launched at the event on this day. If you would like to be our special guest next Friday at the golf exhibition send me a comment , we will draw five winners that will get a special invitation which includes free entry , meeting our British partners, play the old course on Nintendo Wii and participate in our Whisky tasting.


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