Come on you Spurs!

Me and a friend at White Hart Lane

Me and a friend (right) at WHL

As a Tottenham Hotspur fan I have seen a few home games at White Hart Lane in Northeast London – and Spurs have yet to lose when I’m there (No, it’s true, it really is true)!

For me, few things can compete with the feeling of being at a stadium packed with 35 000 fans singing “Coome oon youu Spuuuurs!” The atmosphere is just amazing: the expectations before the game at the local crowded pubs, the excitement during the game and the cheering and singing – or sometimes the dwelling and sobbing – after it.

There are several great clubs and stadiums to visit in London: Fulham, Charlton, West Ham, Arsenal (even though I as a Spurs fan would never personally set foot there) and Chelsea. Ticket prices vary but is usually around £30-40. If you are lucky, you can get them directly from the club’s ticket line, otherwise there are several sports travelling agencies that offers packet deals for Premiership games.

Find your way to White Hart Lane with our Britain Map


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    Best text ever!

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