One of the best Fish and chip shops in UK

Fish and chips

Fish and chips

A few years ago I  drove from Edinburgh towards St Andrews along the Fife coastal road and had to stop for something to eat. I had read and also been recommended by the scottish tourist board of a  lovely harbour town called Anstruther.  The town is famous for it’s fish and chips,  so I just had to try it out. Insted of sitting inside, on a lovely sunny day (they do exist) I took my “chippie”  outside and sat on bench.  I really enjoyed my lunch!

I had an awesome sight over the harbour, overlooking the yachts that sailed into the harbour. And today I was pleased to read that  “Anstruther Fish Bar” is the winner of The UK Fish & Chip of the Year competition 2008/09.



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2 responses to “One of the best Fish and chip shops in UK

  1. Karin

    Mmmm I just love those fish and chips!

  2. Jonas

    Well well well, this reminds me of a funny old story I learnt during my young years…

    “What do sea monsters eat?
    – Fish and ships”


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