Where’s my family?


This dear little frog misses the man in his life, mr. Lovely. While the frog seems to be crying himself to sleep every night, it seems as if mr. Lovely has forgotten about him.
Here in our office, we try the best we can to cheer him up with some Britpop and Alan Partridge, but it seems like he can’t take the Swedish climate. Could mr. Lovely PLEASE come and get him, he’s actually making us all feel blue..




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6 responses to “Where’s my family?

  1. kimhenrik


    Can you keep a secret? Between me and you?
    You promise?

    I really need to tell you this…

    I MISS having you around and on Feb 3rd I will come to take you home!

    Kram !

  2. Gunnar started crying the minute he saw your comment (of joy this time)! Now, he’s singing “Friday, I’m in love”, even though it’s only Thursday. He can’t wait to see you next week!!

  3. kimhenrik

    How is Gunnar today?

  4. Carl

    Umm… Well, Gunnar is OK. He’s allright but a bit lonely since Hanne isn’t here today. Seems like all Norwegians are abandoning him…

  5. kimhenrik

    We’re not, we’re just hardening for his future life in Norway…

  6. Cathrine

    Now I miss Gunnar! It’s empty on his shelf! And how will he survive when you’re out of office? Can you ask some nice person at the embassy to give him a hug every day? Please send us a picture so we know his ok!

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